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Held outside on the 940 New Hampshire Street Stage, this annual event celebrates the achievement of the School of Dance students through senior solos and class-based performances. Only select youth and adult classes are eligible for this event. For eligible classes, students are required to confirm their participation at the time of class enrollment.


Important Documents: 

  • Performance Schedule Overview
  • Performer Welcome Packet (TBD April, 2021) This packet includes information about the End of Year Showcase, including the rehearsal schedule, what to expect, who to contact, and other useful information. 

Production Timeline

  • April 1st | Deadline to modify student performer status at no cost. 
  • May 7-13 | Final Class/Dress Rehearsal for Participating Classes
  • May 14-15 | Class Performances

Performances Dates

  • May 14 | 5:30pm, 7:30PM
  • May 15 | 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm

Enrollment & Fees

Select School of Dance classes are programmed on this event and there is no additional fee for students to participate. Students must indicate whether they accept and decline this performance opportunity at the time of class enrollment for eligible classes. Participation status changes after April 1 will result in a $25 fee. 1 complimentary ticket will be given to the primary caregiver. To change your participation, email Claire Buss |



Class attendance is essential for this event. Students who are unable to commit to attending their class(es) will be assigned as an understudy.

Expectations for In-Person Performers

  • New Hampshire Street will be closed to host the End of Year Showcases on the 940 New Hampshire Street Stage for a limited audience. Garage will be accessible via the south and north entrances/exits.
  • Students will be required to arrive in costume 30-60 minutes prior to showcase for a 5 minute spacing rehearsal on the outdoor stage.
  • After the spacing rehearsal, students will be escorted to a designated holding room inside the Arts Center. Depending on current public safety guidelines, please note that larger holding rooms may be shared between two class groups. 
  • Classes will be escorted from their holding room to perform on the outdoor stage at the appropriate time, then brought back to the holding room. 
  • Upon the end of the performance, students will rejoin their families and are requested to leave promptly. 
  • Length of each showcase is 30-60 minutes. 

Expectations for Virtual Performers

  • Depending on the comfort level, students attending class virtually are permitted to change their participation to in-person. Deadline to modify participation is April 1. Please contact Claire Buss | for further information. 
  • Virtual Students will learn the same choreography as the in-person students. 
  • Virtual Students will be giving option of performing by:

 1) Submitting a video recording of their performance in a location of their choosing for a free video compilation of all virtual performers. Music will be provided in advance. Deadline for video recording is TBD.  


2) In-Person on the 940 New Hampshire Street Stage along with other in-person participates. This option requires the virtual students to attend their final class in-person the week of May 7-13. To allow for as much space as possible, classes with virtual participants joining on the final day will be held inside on the Arts Center Mainstage. This final rehearsal is closed to only students. 


Each performing student will receive one complimentary ticket. Additional tickets will be made available at a later time. More details will be made available by May 1.  Please note that outdoor seating is required to a limited number of audience members. Mask wearing and social distance will be expected by all ticket holders. 

TBA (link to event/ticket page)

Classes Performing on End of Year Showcase (May 14-15)

Adult Ballet I, MO, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Adult Ballet II, TH, Paige Comparato
Adult Ballet III, TH, Paige Comparato
Adult Chinese Dance, SU, Wanwan Cai
Adult Jazz, TU, Justin Harbaugh
Adult Tap I & II, MO, Justin Harbaugh
Ballet I, MO, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet I, SA, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet I: Teens, TU, Cynthia Crews
Ballet II, FR, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet II, SA, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet II: Boys, TH, Hanan Misko
Ballet II: Teens, TU, Paige Comparato
Ballet III (Rotation A), MO, Cynthia Crews
Ballet III (Rotation B), MO, Cynthia Crews
Ballet III, FR, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet III, SA, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet III: Boys, TU, Hanan Misko
Ballet IVa & IVb, FR, Cynthia Crews
Ballet IVa & IVb, MO, Hope DeYoung-Daniels
Ballet Va (Rotation A), TU, Paige Comparato
Ballet Va (Rotation B), TU, Paige Comparato
Ballet Va & Vb (Rotation A), SA, Cynthia Crews
Ballet Va & Vb (Rotation B), SA, Cynthia Crews
Ballet VI & VII (Rotation A), SA, Shannon Pickett
Ballet VI & VII (Rotation B), SA, Shannon Pickett
Ballet VI & VII, TH, Jerel Hilding
Chinese Dance I & II, SU, Wanwan Cai
Hip Hop II, WE, Maya Tillman-Rayton
Hip Hop III, WE, Maya Tillman-Rayton
Intermediate Pointe (Rotation A), TH, Krystyna J. Hilding
Intermediate Pointe (Rotation B), TH, Krystyna J. Hilding
Irish Step Dance I, MO, Annie Stark
Irish Step Dance II & III, MO, Annie Stark
Jazz I, WE, Claire Buss
Jazz II, WE, Claire Buss
Modern I (Rotation A), WE, Tristian Griffin
Modern I (Rotation B), WE, Tristian Griffin
Senior Solo: Audrey Senger
Senior Solo: Catharine Richards
Senior Solo: Eila Deavours
Senior Solo: Jenna Gaston
Senior Solo: Maya Sabatini 
Senior Solo: Taylor Lee
Senior Solo: Zora Lotton-Barker
Tap II, WE, Justin Harbaugh
Tap III, WE, Justin Harbaugh
Tap IV, WE, Justin Harbaugh

Classes Performing In-Person on Mainstage during final class time

Intro to Ballet, FR, Stephanie Day
Intro to Ballet, SA, Elizabeth Newell
Kinder Ballet, SA, Elizabeth Newell
Kinder Ballet, TU, Jordyn Manhart
Preschool Dance I-III, SA, Elizabeth Newell
Preschool Dance I-III, TU, Claire Buss
Tap I, TH, Hanan Misko/Anna Hastings


Classes NOT Performing on EOYS

Adult Pilates, WE, Ashley Sandefur
Ballet IVa, IVb, Va, Vb, WE, Tristian Griffin
Ballet IVb & Va, TH, Cynthia Crews
Ballet Vb & VI, TU, Cynthia Crews
Ballet VI & VII, MO, Cynthia Crews
Ballet Vb & VI, TH, Krystyna J. Hilding
Intermediate Pointe, TU, Cynthia Crews
Pre/Beg Pointe, TU, Paige Comparato
Pre/Beg Pointe, TH, Cynthia Crews
Stretch, Strength, & Pointe Preparation, FR, Cynthia Crews

See the School of Dance Handbook for more class attire details.