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Important Cast Documents:

Tech Week: March 4-7 | Performances: March 8-9

SCHEDULE – click here to view updated Tech Week schedule (updated 2/27/19)

Early dismissal for ISH ONLY cast members are released after intermission, beginning March 7. All Black Box / Dance Studio dressing room areas require a caregiver’s initial before releasing children.


Please check your email for information about your dressing and call time group. Please do not arrive early to your call time as our staff/Parent Volunteers may not be ready to receive early arrivers. Performers are considered LATE to their call time after 15 minutes their call time has passed.

  • Monday – Wednesday:
    • 4:30pm – Ish
    • 6:30pm – Thumbelina
  • Thursday:
    • 4:30pm – Ish
    • 5:15pm – Thumbelina
  • Friday:
    • 5:30pm – Group A
    • 6:00pm – Group B
    • 6:30pm – Group C
  • Saturday, Matinee:
    • 12:30pm – Group A
    • 1:00pm – Group B
    • 1:30pm – Group C
  • Saturday, Evening:
    • 6:00pm – Group A & B
    • 6:30pm – Group C


Beginning Monday, March 4 all performers will sign in/out on a sheet posted outside the Main Stage doors. Performers are considered late to their call time after 15 minutes have passed.

Beginning Thursday, March 7, all performers will sign in to their dressing room areas. All Black Box and Dance Studio dressing areas require a caregiver’s initial before releasing children.


Monday – Wednesday — performers are held in the House to watch the show and wait for their turn on stage, even on nights we are in costume. Please bring a quiet activity (book, screen & headphones) and a light snack to help pass the time while you wait.

Thursday – Saturday —  performers will use their various dressing room areas


Click here to view the required materials list. 


The cast party will be short and sweet, from 9-9:30pm. Festivities begin immediately after strike!

Tickets on sale now!