New Class: “Drawing Stories” with Lora Jost

Drawing Stories – Here’s what we’ll do:

I’m excited to offer a new beginning-level drawing class this spring, a hands-on introduction to visual storytelling called Drawing Stories. Students will engage in a variety of exercises each week to help them discover the stories they would like to tell and how to tell them through drawing and visual art.

We’ll develop our drawing skills and drawing confidence. We’ll learn “daily diary” strategies to help document our experiences and turn them into imaginative stories. We’ll brainstorm characters and experiment with drawing from different angles and with different facial expressions. We’ll learn the basics of storyboarding, how to draw and sequence story-panels to communicate an unfolding story. Finally, we’ll learn from the work of well-known comic artists, among them Scott McCloud, Lynda Barry, and Ivan Brunetti.

I strive to create a supportive environment in all of my classes. It is exciting for us to learn from each other by sharing our work. If a student doesn’t want to show others their artwork, that is fine, too! Each student will be provided with a sketchbook of their own, and pens and pencils for use during class. Contact the Arts Center front desk with questions about senior discounts and financial aid.

I’m looking forward to this new class where we’ll learn about visual storytelling by drawing a lot, learning some techniques, brainstorming, playing around, and having fun.

Lora Jost, “Drawing Stories” Instructor

Drawing Stories is offered Monday nights, from 6:30-8:30 pm and runs from March 26 to May 14.

Create your story and enroll today while there’s still space!