DJ-ing From Scratch

Shout out to DJ Proof, who will be running two DJ-ing workshops at the Lawrence Arts Center this summer called DJ-ing From Scratch.  DJ Proof has been a DJ on the national scene for years and lives in Lawrence (yet another local treasure!!). He has massive cred including opening for Public Enemy with his Midnight Marauders crew.

In his two week DJ academy, anyone can become a master of sound.  Move from how turntables and mixers work to selecting to beat matching to scratching, as you mix and remix vinyl.  DJ Proof will encourage you to find your own sound and DJ identity using music of your choice and will find local connections in the community at Love Garden, LPL Sound Studio, and the LAC performance spaces.

DJing From Scratch runs July 10-21 for 6th-12th graders and July 31-Aug 11 for just High School students.  He’s also teaming up with B-Boy Rauly Duenas to do an all day or half day DJing/Hip Hop Dance class for 3rd-6th graders from June 19-23.