DIY Ballet Barre Tutorial

For the majority of students of dance, the pandemic has posed new challenges, questions and required technical proficiency while adjusting to the world of virtual participation. Students and instructors of The School of Dance at the Lawrence Arts Center have been transitioning to a hybrid approach since March 2020. It has been a practice of patience and flexibility (pun intended).

To accommodate in-person participation this fall, for classes that exceed capacity of the studio, students are enrolled in an A/B course rotation that will alternate between virtual class and physical attendance in the studio. Students will always have the option to participate virtually from the comfort of their homes, via the Virtual Dance Portal. Social distancing protocol and availability of space at the Arts Center promises that students will, at some point, be asked to participate virtually during the semester.

As we chart this new frontier, The School of Dance aims to offer an experience that is not only fun and creative but also SAFE! One of the things we know students have struggled with is finding a suitable, stable barre. Our dance handbook details options and best practices for barre substitutions at home (a door jamb or wall beats a wobbly chair), but one of our dance families has come up with an affordable and ingenious DIY barre project that can be completed at home!

Dance dad Joshua Lollar shared his process and the plans he followed for making a DIY ballet barre for his daughter, outlining directions in a tutorial titled “How to Make Your Own Portable Barre in Under Two Hours and for Under $30 in 10 Easy Steps.” Click this link to be taken to the tutorial. Additional tips with photos and explanations can be found below. He also added that he found 10ft. x 5ft. strips of marley dance flooring through Home Depot. Information can be found here.

Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

I inserted 1 1/4″ dowels in the lower sections for added rigidity and support:

I didn’t use any adhesive to glue the PVC together so that we could disassemble it and move it easily, so I needed to use a few screws to keep the feet and base on:

I also added screw-on caps to the feet to make it easier to put a non-skid material on them, rug tape in this case:

Finished Barre:

Happy and safe dancing to all!