Dear Lawrence: Week 3 Stories, Accentuate the Positive

Dear Lawrence,

Here are your Week 3 stories. Thank you to all the writers who have sent in their work. And remember, it is never too late to share your story! We will keep adding them as they come in. See our Dear Lawrence blog for the Week 4 prompt…


My Strategies for Coping with Isolation and Fear

T-Shirt of the DayI’d be lying if I tried to minimize my shear panic of Coronavirus.

I have no fear of job loss since I’m retired; but on the other hand, that means I’m more vulnerable by virtue of age alone. So I’m self-isolating/practicing quarantine/staying safer at home–whatever you want to call it. How am I coping with my isolation and fear beyond binge-watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts and spending too much of my time on Facebook?

I have devised two daily rituals to help me through, and making them part of my daily routine has a calming effect. My first practice gets me up every day; the second gives me a reason to get dressed.

First thing every morning I find a spiritual song on YouTube to share. I’m particularly partial to choral anthems, but I’ve posted Bach to Bluegrass, ensembles large and small, soloists and every kind of instrumentation imaginable–pieces that span at least 500 years.

Then I get dressed in my “T-shirt of the Day.” Although graphic Ts are not my usual attire, I have a ton of them–dating back as far as the ’70s. After two months in quarantine, I will finally run out this week and will have to start wearing them over again.

-I think this is my oldest T-shirt – purchased in the  70s at the Dillons store on 18th & Mass.

I’m lonely, I’m scared, I can’t concentrate on meaningful work, I haven’t finished my taxes, I can easily put off cleaning out closets, but I’ve got my new-found rituals to hang onto. I have never missed posting a song, and every morning I greet the day in a clean, fresh T-shirt – and pants and shoes to go with it.

– Kris Luber, Topeka

Thank you Kris for sharing your new routine and the positivity it brings to your life! Be sure to check out our selection of Week 1 stories, and our latest writing prompts. Until next time Dear Lawrence.