Dance On: Digital Diary Submissions Week #4

Student submissions to the Dance On: Digital Diary blog series have been inspiring, creative and all kinds of fun! Let’s continue making connections, engaging one another and documenting our experiences as we navigate this time spent in isolation. In the time we’ve had to possibly learn something new, reinvent ourselves and grow personally, we each have a story to tell. Consider sharing yours! We will accept all digital submissions in the form of written stories or poems, videos, photos, drawings, collages, animation and more. Get creative!

Prompt for Week #5:

“Share something you’ve discovered during quarantine that you would like to remember after this situation passes?

How can we turn our experiences during COVID-19 into something meaningful? What positive messages do you wish to share with the world? Special shout-outs to friends and family are welcome.

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  • Submission deadline: 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 20
  • Entries should be sent to Amy Hope, School of Dance Coordinator:
  • Content must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Digital Diaries will be published weekly on Fridays.

Digital Diary

Week #4/May 15, 2020: “Where dance and the outside world come together”

With spring in full swing and the opportunity to spend more time in nature, dancers have been taking in the scenery, moving with the wind and trees and smelling the flowers.  Enjoy this week’s submissions!