Dance On: Digital Diary Submissions Week #3

As a way of creating connections within our community and documenting an unprecedented time in our lives, we invite all movers to submit digital content to inspire, uncover truth, and join together through collaboration. We will accept all digital submissions in the form of written stories or poems, videos, photos, drawings, collages, animation and more. We look forward to receiving your dance inspired entries!

Prompt for Week #4: “Where dance and the outside world come together”

With spring in full swing, and permission to spend time outdoors, how do you see your dance practice blend with the natural environment?


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  • Submission deadline: 10:00 am on Wednesday, May 13
  • Entries should be sent to Amy Hope, School of Dance Coordinator:
  • Content must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Digital Diaries will be published weekly on Fridays.

Digital Diary

Week #3/May 8, 2020: “Share Your Mask”

Wearing masks has become part of our daily attire. Why not have a little fun with it? Check out of all the creative and colorful masks shared by our dance community this week! A special shout-out to all models and mask makers who participated!