CVKey is at the LAC!

As part of our ongoing mission to open our doors in the safest and healthiest way possible, the Lawrence Arts Center has joined a community pilot program to test a health verification mobile app called CVKey.

CVKey was developed by a non-profit group co-founded by former Google vice president Brian McClendon, called CVKey Project. CVKey Project is committed to developing open-source applications designed to help communities responsibly reopen without compromising privacy.

CVKey allows users to anonymously check symptoms and receive clear guidance about places that are accessible to them within public health guidelines. After answering a series of questions, the app generates a color coded CVPass that users scan upon entry to a building to ensure their health status matches the building’s health guidelines, while keeping personal health data completely confidential.

The app is early in its development, with the University of Kansas and a small selection of area businesses being the first to pilot the app nationwide. As for the inclusion of an arts and cultural organization, Lawrence Arts Center CEO Margaret Weisbrod Morris explains, “The field of arts and culture has been absolutely decimated by this pandemic. Theaters and the performing arts have been hit especially hard, here and nationwide, which was why I was really excited to hear about this app. As people return to in-person cultural experiences, I believe CVKey has the potential to be a game changer for the future of our business, and our entire field, by establishing a sense of confidence in the health and safety of our surroundings. Because of this, we were eager to join this pilot to include input from the arts and cultural sector in its development and possible future uses, right from the start.”

Regular and part time staff began using CVKey this week, with the possibility of adding other areas of use throughout the building in the future. Stay tuned!

Find out about CVKey on the University of Kansas campus.