Current Exhibitions Have Ties to New KCI Public Art Project

The Joys of Ineptitude by JT Daniels is one of the new shows that was recently installed in the large gallery at The Lawrence Arts Center. These large scale, mixed media paintings offer pleasing color palettes and bring with them a vibrant energy that is a signature of Daniels’ work. JT is widely known throughout Kansas City for being an activist and a muralist—with an impressive 50 murals, and counting, throughout the city.  JT’s work intertwines various elements, such as people and expressions, into animated designs that embody the pulse of the urban community. Daniels says the visual representations of people in his work are people he’s interacted with throughout his life. These interweaving compositions of characters, words, and colors then become representations of the evolving and growing human experience. JT is the Featured Artist for the 2022 Benefit Art Auction at The Lawrence Arts Center, but he has also been selected as one of nineteen KC area artists to create artwork for The New Single Terminal and Parking at Kansas City International Airport. The wall-based artwork will be located at the north and south ends of the gate lounges.

Rachelle Gardner-Roe, another artist who currently has work on display in the front gallery, has also been selected as one of the nineteen artists for The New Single Terminal and Parking at Kansas City International Airport. Gardner-Roe is a talented fiber artist living in the Kansas City area who grew up in rural Missouri. Her work has been shown locally and nationally. Her show at the Lawrence Arts Center, Portal and Path, is a burst of color and textiles. Rachelle’s piece, Of Land and Sky, featured on the wall walking into the front gallery, is just one of the panels from her piece that will be featured at KCI. Regarding Of Land and Sky, Gardner-Roe says:

This work is a preview of the forthcoming triptych Flyover Country: The Wild Side, commissioned by The City of Kansas City, MO for the Kansas City International Airport. Once completed and installed in late 2022, the work will be a visual exploration of wildlife that thrives in our so-called “flyover country” by highlighting flora and fauna that inhabit Missouri. This project also provided an opportunity for Gardner-Roe to explore new technical challenges in this approach to “painting” with wool.

Patrons stopping to admire Of Land and Sky, located by the entrance to the front gallery.

Both artists will have work on display at The Lawrence Arts Center until February 26, 2022. JT will have work featured during the live auction of the 2022 Benefit Art Auction. In addition to JT and Rachelle, two local, Lawrence artists, Mona Cliff and Hong Chun Zhang, have also been selected to exhibit work for The New Single Terminal and Parking at Kansas City International Airport. Both Mona and Hong currently have pieces in the annual Souper Bowl Platter Project hosted by the Lawrence Arts Center and Just Food. To keep up with all of these fabulous artists check out their websites and social media.