Ceramics Symposium Featured Artist Liz Quackenbush

Liz Quackenbush is one of the artists featured in this year’s Ceramic’s Symposium on March 11 & 12.

“My goal in creating ceramic work is to bridge the divide between elegant china and down to earth pottery. I deliberately leave clay surfaces irregular so that they look handled and handlable. I want my pottery to invite use, while also subverting contemporary ‘run of the mill’ preconceptions of what pottery is, can, and should be.”
– Liz Quackenbush

The Lawrence Arts Center’s Ceramics Symposium is a biannual event featuring six nationally recognized ceramicists in a symposium on topics central to the contemporary ceramics art world. Over the course of two days, this select group of artists are active in studios at the Lawrence Arts Center demonstrating sculpting processes, wheel throwing, surface decoration and glazing, representing a diverse range of techniques and approaches to ceramic art.