Castaway Island School’s Out Day

We have been exploring some pretty experimental and engaging educational experiences lately.  In the spirit of our summer camp Box City, where students study city planning and engineer a cardboard city, and Fort Adventure, our school’s out day that built the most epic fort and society in two days, we are excited to present Castaway Island.  Elementary students will use game design to create an immersive, modular game that they play over the course of two days.  With giant game pieces that fit together to create different game boards, we will work on a cooperative game where you must trade with one another in order to advance throughout the board.  Create survival packs, giant game pieces, and an unforgettable experience with your friends during the two School’s Out Days, February 23rd and 24th from 9am-4pm.  Both 1st-2nd Graders as well as 3rd-5th Graders will build interactive boards that bridge together to create the most epic, immersive game ever played!