Calling all 2-6 year old’s: Play Labs for My Name is Loofa Tutu!

Wondering about our Play Lab series? 

Play Labs are research-based spaces for very young children and their caregivers to create with artists at the Lawrence Arts Center. Each session, we collaborate with 2-6 year old’s in order to develop original music, art, choreography, and ideas for our Theatre and Dance for the Very Young performances. All of the material we create in the Play Labs directly inspires our productions for this age range.

My Name is Loofa Tutu: Play Lab

This session we will explore our curiosity about the world to develop ideas, sounds, and movements for My Name is Loofa Tutu. Caregivers will join their children in navigating adventures through the eyes of our main character, Loofa Tutu. How do we like to move? What are our favorite things? What is happening in the world around us? All sessions will be recorded. This Play Lab takes place at 10th & Mass Studios.

These Play Labs will take place on Saturdays, Nov. 5th – Nov. 19th. Interested in learning more? Click the buttons below.

Play Lab Ages 2-3                     Play Lab Ages 4-6