Call For Entries: “Art Madness”

Calling All Arts Center Artists: It’s Art Madness!

What is Art Madness?

Art Madness aims to be a celebration of Lawrence Arts Center student and instructor success. On March 2nd, we will be turning the Arts Center into a one-night gallery extravaganza. Students of all ages, instructors, and all family and friends are invited to share in Art Madness for a night of art revelry!

We want to feature YOU! Each student and instructor is invited to submit one artwork each to be displayed for the event! 

LAC artists working in all mediums, in any visual arts class, are encouraged to submit their work. We request that all work be dropped off the week of February 25th, and no later than Thursday, February 28th in designated class storage areas. Stay tuned for instructions from class instructors.

We’ll hang it for you! 

Labels for all work will be provided by the Lawrence Arts Center, and distributed through our instructors. These labels will be pre-printed to include student, name, instructor and class title. Students will need to fill in work title and medium. and drop off this information with accompanying work. All work will be hung by Arts Center staff in respective studio spaces.

Pick up: 

Students are encouraged to pick up work at the end of the event, the night of Saturday, March 2nd. An additional student pick up time will be scheduled for Monday, March 4th.

Interested in participating? 

Look for our informational flyer for further details! These can be found through instructors or at our front desk. Additional questions? Contact Visual Arts Education Coordinator Anne Luben.



Saturday, March 2nd

4 PM to 6 PM


We can’t wait to see you, your family, your friends, and your work in the studio!