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Community Dance Film

Lawrence Arts Center — Virtual Lawrence

This project aims to infuse art and community to achieve greater artistic expression, connection, and identity of self. Film Directed by Ric Averill & Choreographed by Ellie Goudie-Averill. Inspired by … [more]

$36 – $40

Little Shop of Horrors

South Park 1198 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence

Floral assistant Seymour stumbles across a new species of plant, “Audrey II’,’ that has a taste for the unusual—blood! Seymour’s new carnivorous friend promises him fame and fortune, but will … [more]

One Week from Spring. Ruben Castillo

Lawrence Arts Center Gallery 940 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

One Week from Spring explores memory, records, observation, and narratives around what author Kathleen Stewart calls “ordinary affects” through the production of a new suite of intaglio prints and drawings. … [more]


July: Create, Devise, LIVE!

South Park 1198 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence

Student actors will work as an ensemble to devise their own characters and build a unique storyline. This fast-paced, creativity-driven process will result in the premiere of an original, devised … [more]

Dar Williams With Heather Maloney

Lawrence Arts Center Main Stage 940 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence

$29 GA/$31 Day of The initial idea came in a flash. Dar Williams was driving on an isolated highway, crossing from New York into Ontario, surrounded by frozen fields, silver … [more]

$29 – $31