Boys: It’s time to STEP UP YOUR GAME!

Step Up Your Game! is the Lawrence Arts Center’s Boys only Hip Hop class.  Held on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm in the gymnasium at DCSS (745 Vermont St.), right next to the public library, the class will teach boys the hottest new hip hop styles while focusing on strength and control.  There is currently a $15 off promotion for the class, good until September, 10th, 2016.  Take advantage while you can!! Enroll TODAY, WHY NOT give it a try?HipHop2Instructor Daniel M. Xaysongkham, was born in Stockton, CA and raised in Salina, KS.  He starting dancing by teaching himself Hip-Hop watching music videos and imitating the moves of Usher and Michael udc-4241Jackson. He has since studied extensively and performed at Push 4 Art, Dancing with the Stars: KU Edition, and with the University Dance Company at the University of Kansas.  Let him teach you sweet Hip Hop styles on Thursday evenings this Fall!