Botanical Photo workshop with Diane Guthrie

Are you in love with the gardens around Lawrence? Want to work on your photography skills all while enjoying the beautiful nature around town? Come take this fun, two-day workshop with Diane Guthrie, a professional photographer who has experience shooting in the field…literally.

In this conceptually focused workshop, Diane will focus on many essential digital photography elements. She will talk about the basics in how to hold your camera, lighting, composition, and backgrounds. She will focus on how to take close up photos of your plants and flowers, also known as macrophotography. In addition, students will practice taking wide angle photos of entire gardens and vignettes. Students in this workshop will take “field trips” to visit two incredible gardens, one of which was featured on the Master Gardening Tour! Here is a little description of what you can find in each garden by the gardener themselves:


Margrete Johnson Garden – visit on June 24th

“My garden is a garden for critters. There are butterflies, birds and all sorts of pollinator’s life here. There are holes in the leaves and tall flowers grow together with lower once, eliminating the use of mulch. I like a natural but orderly garden. Walkways, some decorated with antique industrial grates. There are rocks and walls surrounding the flowerbeds, giving the butterflies a place to warm up in the morning. There are places to sit to listen to the birds or the plash of water into the old bathtub. Most plants are nectar plants, some larval plants for the butterflies, but there are also flowers just for my enjoyment, with no benefit for the pollinators.The garden is in bloom from early spring to late fall and in the winter the garden art comes to life.”


Susan and Doug Rendal Garden – visit on June 25th

“A plant lover’s country garden with one acre of plantings designed for viewing with paver and grass paths throughout.  Jammed with a great variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and edibles.  Daylilies and true lilies are very showy right now.  Blueberries are ripening and milkweeds are perfuming the garden.  A visual treat throughout the seasons.  Four acres of developing prairie surround the garden.”


Interested in mastering botanical photography? Diane’s workshop will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 24th and 25th from 9am to 12pm. Sign up here!