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The Lawrence Arts Center is frequently contacted by business owners seeking original art to display in their location. The following is a list of artists who are willing to be contacted.

This list is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the Lawrence Arts Center.

Are you an artist who would like to appear on this list? Please send inquiries to

Jason Barr
Prints/Drawings/Mixed Media Paintings
Whimsical, Colorful, Faux Naive

Deb Bettinger

Watercolor and oils, Midwest landscapes

Eliza Bullock
monotype, abstract

Janet Davidson-Hues
(abstract, realism, functional, etc.):  Text Based

Jackie Denning
Block Prints, city themed black and white

Joelle Ford
recycled mat, multiples-installation

Andrea Fuhrman
collage, mixed media, lighting design, abstract photography

Catherine Hale Robins
bronze and ceramics
Impressionistic to realistic small bronzes of varieties of animals

Jo Hana

Illustrations, Photography, Prints, Experimental Paintings & Collage Works

Ripp Harrison
drawing, painting, sculpture

Nell King
oil paintings

Margie Kuhn
watercolor, gouache, pencil on paper, acrylic on panel
(abstract, realism, functional, etc.):  realism (trompe le oeil)

Danielle Lasker
Fiber Art + Interdisciplinary Art

Nicole Lopez
Oil paints, charcoal and graphite drawings
Native American

Anita Markley
acrylic with mixed media on canvas or board
abstractions based on architectural elements, such as buildings, bridges, streets

Emily Markoulatos
Paintings and woodburning on wood and canvas with oil pastel

Laurie Marlowe
enamel on copper
abstract, realism, functional

Melissa McCormick
ceramic sculpture

Kay Jo Morgan

painting and bronzes

Molly Murphy
graphite, watercolor, oil and mixed media
realism, conceptual

Marty Olson
acrylics, mixed media
abstract paintingq

Wayne Probst
abstract, realism, functional

Wayne Rhodus
Digital Photography
Realism (nature photography including scenic landscapes, intimate landscapes, flora,

Beth Ridenour

Erin Spaeth
Abstract/Experimental, Landscape/Outdoors/Weather

Roger Spohn
Photography, Fine-Art Prints
abstract, realism, functional, etc.): Landscape, Nature, Architecture

Pam Sullivan
Fiber/Mixed Media

Harold Velline
Abstract Landscapes and Non-Objective
(variety of sizes featuring bold color schemes)

Michelle Wade
(abstract, realism, functional, etc.): Nature Photography

Chuck Wehner
abstract, places and spaces, realism, objects

Darin White
Sculpture, Installation, Printmaking, Drawing, Metal, Wood, Multi-material
(Also available for Producing, Curating and Juroring Exhibitions)
(abstract, realism, functional, etc.): Minimal, Primitive, Abstract, Large, Monumental,

Shannon White
acrylic, multimedia & digital painting
contemporary figurative painting & expressive realism

Jewell Willhite
Acrylic paintings
realistic landscapes

Colleen Zacharias Gregoire
watercolor and oil paintings
realism; Kansas landscapes and local porches