Asemic Writing: Literary and Visual


Asemic Writing w/ Rae Atakpa

9/6 – 11/29, Wednesdays 6:30-8PM, $210 ($189). In-person class. 

Informational video: Click Here

Enrich your aesthetic intuition and poetic craft with writing practices grounded in visual arts techniques. We will engage texts across disciplines, from ecology and somatics, to textiles and music theory. With workshops and exercises, we will grow the experimental and empathetic potentiality of our writing.

The photo above is a clip from an informational video created by Asemic Writing instructor, Rae Atakpa. Watch the video to hear Rae explain the process and goals of this class: Click Here

Roland Barthes’ describes this kind of writing in his influential book, Writing Degree Zero, as “the word, dissociated from the husk of habitual clichés, and from technical reflexes of the writer, is then freed from responsibility in relation to all possible context; it appears in one brief act, which, being devoid of reflections, declares its solitude and therefore its innocence.”

Art in America quotes Schwenger, a resident fellow at University of Western Ontario’s Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, when he proposes that “an awareness of what lies beyond our familiar structures of meaning may keep us from having our life scripts written according to an already existent system of signs.”


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