Arts-Based Preschool & Kindergarten Unlock the Imagination

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Inventor Albert Einstein clearly understood the advantages of fostering creativity in the young mind, and as it turns out research supports the assertion. While playing in paint and clay, creating poetry and music might appear to be nothing more than playtime, studies have shown that students – especially the very young – benefit from these activities through enhanced brain development and individual learning abilities. In turn, they see greater success in school and are more prepared for life in general.

Bev Bos, a teacher, author and advocate for play-based learning for preschoolers, called science “elemental play.” Lawrence Arts Center Director of Early Childhood Education Linda Reimond has taken that to heart as she designs activities filled with art and fun, but that are, in fact, actually based in science and math.

“The only thing different between a sand-filled sock dropping from a ladder and Galileo dropping objects from a building in the 1500s is that Galileo probably didn’t have paint on the objects he dropped,” Reimond said. “And a child would not say that he or she studied physics at school that day because he or she created the sock-drop painting.”

Children in the Arts Center’s arts-based preschool and kindergarten programs will find themselves immersed in activities that support physical, mental, social and emotional development; language and literacy; math and science; and boundless creativity!

For 35 years the Lawrence Arts Center  early childhood programs have given its students the opportunity to work with professional artists, actors, dancers, and musicians; attend performances; and create in the ceramics studio. These activities have provided lots of fun, lots of love, and lots of good arts experiences that nurture creative thinking, decision making, imagination, and art appreciation.


Join us and discover how creativity unlocks the imagination!


Enrollment for the Fall 2021 Early Childhood Education Program is now open!!

Linda Reimond Arts-Based Preschool In-Person

The Lawrence Arts Center’s Arts-Based Preschool offers a creative, developmentally appropriate approach to early childhood education. The foundation is child-centered experiences–arts, play, discovery, experience-based curriculum, and outdoor play. The program’s caring, thoughtful, early educational environment nurtures creative thinking, problem solving, imagination, confidence, cultural awareness, and social/emotional skills that last a lifetime.

For children ages 3-5 years. Children must be fully, independently toilet trained.



Kelly Galloway Kindergarten In-Person

The Kelly Galloway Kindergarten has a special focus on preparing young students to develop innovation skills, the creative arts-and play-based curriculum sets the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. Unique learning centers are custom-designed daily to engage young children and to offer creative hands-on ways of learning academic skills.

We are constantly, actively learning and exploring core concepts through a variety of interactive experiences in a rich cultural environment. Each academic center is designed to meet your child where they are academically. Our teacher/student ratio and small group centers allow us to work to meet children’s individual learning needs and styles in and out of the classroom.

Children who are age 5 before August 31st are eligible to enroll.