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Offered as an eight week seminar and online program, Artist INC changes the way artists think about business. It gives you the practical tools and peer feedback you need to strengthen your art practice, seize opportunities and shape your creative and financial future.

Artist INC Live Lawrence, a collaborative partnership between the Lawrence Arts Center, Kansas Creative Industries Commission and Mid-America Art Alliance announces the artists selected for the 2016 Lawrence session of the Artist INC Live seminar.

  • Fally Afani, Visual Artist
  • Will Averill, Theatre/performance
  • Jennifer Bennett, Theatre/performance
  • Eliza Bullock, Visual Artist
  • Traci Bunkers, Visual Artist
  • Andrew Cho, Visual Artist
  • Kate Dinneen, Visual Artist
  • Heidi Gluck, Musician
  • Erin Goedtel, Visual Artist
  • Priscilla Howe, Theatre/performance
  • Alicia Kelly, Visual Artist
  • Molly Krause, Literary
  • Amanda Maciuba, Visual Artist
  • Justin Marable, Visual Artist
  • Britta McKee, Visual Artist
  • Marie McKenzie, Visual Artist
  • Lori Norwood, Visual Artist
  • Jancy Pettit, Visual Artist
  • Laura Ramberg, Visual Artist
  • Richard    Renner, Theatre/performance
  • Hollie Rice, Visual Artist
  • Cate Richards, Visual Artist
  • Sarah Robinson, Theatre/performance
  • Christy Wittmer, Visual Artist
  • Zia, Visual Artist

With this roster of 25 area artists, the nationally recognized Artist INC program now includes Lawrence within the pioneering arts entrepreneurship program that has reached more than 500 artists in the region since 2009. Artist INC Live is designed to give artists from all disciplines the business training and support needed to strengthen their art practice and grow their arts business.Artists are selected for the program through a competitive application process and panel comprised of the leadership of local arts organizations and Artist INC alumni, representing a range of artistic disciplines. Criteria for acceptance are focused on the quality of artistic work, with consideration given for an artist’s career goals and overall readiness for the program.

Lawrence Arts Center Chief Program Officer and Artist INC Live Lawrence Administrator, Margaret Weisbrod Morris and explains: “The 2016 Artist INC Live Lawrence class reflects the rich diversity of artists and disciplines that defines our dynamic cultural community. The 25 artists selected will finish the seminar with the skills necessary to sustain their arts practice and grow their arts business. They will identify Lawrence and the surrounding region as a supportive place in which to purse their careers and be successful as artists. It’s a win for the artist, and a win for our community. When this happens, everyone benefits.”

The Artist INC Live workshop addresses the specific business needs and challenges artists of all disciplines face every day. Artists gather for one night a week for eight weeks to learn business skills specific to their art practice and work to hone and apply those skills cooperatively with their peers. Using an innovative class design, artists learn and grow together through artist facilitator mentoring, small group application activities, as well as large group discussion and multi-media lecture.

Session Dates

Artist INC Live Lawrence 2016 session:
March 22 thru May 10, 2016 | Tuesdays | 6 to 9 pm

Applications are not currently begin accepted.

More Information


Artist INC is a collaborative partnership of Mid-America Arts Alliance and the University of Missouri-Kansas City Innovation Center.

Artist INC Live is supported by Mid-America Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, and foundations, corporations and individuals throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.