Artist Jan Gaumnitz Gives the Gift of Art to Preschoolers

When exhibiting artists stop by to visit the preschool, a certain magic occurs… Young minds unleash a barrage of questions and a bemused smile quickly takes over the artist’s face. Carefully constructed artist statements go out the window and make way for simple, direct answers straight from the heart. Both parties leave the experience inspired by one another and take the feeling of unique human-to-human connection with them throughout the day.

Artist Jan Gaumnitz took this idea exchange one step further today and gifted a class of young preschoolers with pieces of original art! Students came to the gallery in small groups to meet Jan and learn about the symbolism represented in the boats in her exhibit, Altogether 2018. The objects represent dreams for the future and what Jan imagines young children might see for themselves. The children were invited to select from a variety of ceramic pieces that they then wrapped up to take home to their families. Smiles were shared, ideas were talked about, and the gift of art and inspiration was exchanged.

Thank you, Jan, for helping make it another beautiful day in the arts based preschool!