Artist in Residence: Where are they Now? Johanna Winters

Johanna Winters, Printmaking Artist in Residence for the 2018-2019 year.

Johanna has been busy at work in her new studio. We had a moment to catch up with her to reflect on her time at the Lawrence Arts Center. This is what she had to say:

Q: Where are you now, and what projects do you have coming up?

A: I currently teach in the Foundations Program at the Kansas City Art Institute, and will teach in the Printmaking Department this fall. I’m also preparing for a solo shadow-theatre performance at Filmfront in Chicago this summer, and a solo exhibition at SooVAC in Minneapolis, MN in November 2020.

Q: What was your most significant/favorite piece you created while in your residency and why?

A: My residency at the LAC allowed me to dream big and fully realize the production of ENDLNG, a multi-disciplinary, performative body of work that was exhibited for audiences in galleries and on-stage in Lawrence, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. The residency provided me with the time, space, and resources to develop and produce ENDLNG, and also introduced me to the ever-generous and supportive Lawrence Arts Center community – many of whom became part of the cast of ENDLNG. Performing this work with these specific people was one the most meaningful experiences that I’ve had in my career, and it elevated the caliber and rigor of my studio practice. I’m still holding onto that glow!

Q: How has your time in Lawrence as an AIR influenced your current work?

A: Since my residency at the LAC, I have begun developing a new body of video work, titled FRENND WINNER, about a solitary puppet-character who behaves as though she is performing for adoring onlookers. The video series – filmed from the protagonists’ perspective – will reveal the puppet-woman self-consciously carrying out mundane tasks as she lingers between the painful awareness of her solitude and the pretend validation of her audience.

Person in a fiels with a paper mache mask

FRENND WINNER: Johanna Winters

My current work is a continuation of the concepts I explored in ENDLNG about the repression of female desire and agency, and I’m now experimenting with video as a medium. I’m excited to see how video conceptually expands my work, and I’m also looking forward to producing future puppet-figure performances. I have dreams of forming a touring all-female puppet troupe…


FRENND WINNER Video: Johanna Winters

Q: What would you like to say to any prospective Artist in Residence?

A: To prospective LAC Artists-in-Residence: This year is a distinct and precious time to broaden the scope of your work, and to be immersed in an exceptionally generous artistic community. Lawrence is a gem of a place, and so are the people who dwell there!

We’d like to thank Johanna for taking the time to answer our questions. It was an honor to have her as part of our community. If you’d like to see more of her work, visit her website:

If you or someone you know is interested in our Residency program we are now accepting applications. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2020.

If you have any questions you can contact the Kyla Strid, Director of Adult Education and Residencies.


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