Artist in Residence Shares Love of Ceramics with Students

Ashlyn Pope was an artist from the start. But while her mother reports that it was a pencil and paper that originally drew her in, Ashlyn says it was the finicky nature of ceramics that captured her heart.

“I was drawn to clay once in college when the first piece I ever made fell apart,” she said. “The challenge to master something that was controlled by time, effort and the elements of luck was more than enough for me to dive in.”

Currently the Lawrence Arts Center’s Ceramics Artist in Residence, Ashlyn holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in ceramics. She uses her art, her education and her personal experience to champion diversity and explore her Gullah heritage.

“I have spent my time at the Lawrence Arts Center exploring how to express my ancestry within my work,” she said. “Diving into Gullah ancestry and symbolism, I have spent time developing a body of work that discusses the history, past and present of my people as well as the Black community. I am currently exploring functional ceramic objects and quilts.”

This fall Ashlyn is teaching two classes: Pots for the Table and Altered Perspectives. While both classes are based in hand building, Pots for the Table focuses more on research and development, while Altered Perspectives is a deep dive into technique.

Ashlyn said that as a teacher, she loves to see the wide variety of her students’ interpretations.

“It leaves open so many places of discussion and growth for both the students as well as myself,” Ashlyn said. “My favorite aspect of teaching is the exchange of knowledge between teacher and student. I like the blurred line.”

Be sure to check out Ashlyn’s Pots for the Table class as well as the many other art classes for adults offered this fall!

To learn more about Ashlyn’s work, visit her website! 

Pots for the Table

Tuesdays 5:30-7pm / September 8 – December 1