Artist-in-Residence Rosa Nussbaum’s Exhibition at KU

Printmaking Artist-in-Residence Rosa Nussbaum has an exhibition at Chalmers Hall at the University of Kansas. Stop by this month and check in on this collaboration between Rosa and Kevin Brophy!

Housewives of the Queer Hearth is an ongoing research project by Rosa Nussbaum and Kevin Brophy. The immersive, multimedia installation proposes a queered feminist utopia by engaging with the gendered histories and pervasive data gaps in architecture, city planning, and product design. Through satirical audio and video performances the project offers a space that has yet-to-be: one that centralizes overlooked narratives. Set in a hyper-femme boudoir (the “woman’s private bedroom“), the installation blends technology with exaggerated home décor and campy furniture, hand-printed textiles and silkscreened material feminist city plans, custom rugs that describe the floorplan and linguistic history of interior spaces, and an armoire outfitted with fortune-telling crystal balls. The initial research for this work was inspired and informed by Caroline Criado-Perez’s book Invisible Women, Aaron Betsky’s lectures on queer spaces, and historical/utopian architectural blueprints by material feminists like Alice Constance Austin, Marie Stevens Howland, and the Beecher sisters. This work was made possible, in part, with the support of The Foundation of Contemporary Art.

Begun during the material research for her collaborative projects, + Absence Monuments are language-based light installations by Kevin Brophy that function to counter asymmetrical power structures. Each ‘monument’ employs text to frame what is missing in a cultural hegemony and aggrandize what great lack we could enjoy in a world without the dead-fixed horror of patriarchy-meets-capital. She treats this subject matter as she does everything else: with humor, self-implicating criticality, and the melodrama of *we*, an embodiment of poetic rage and care.

EXHIBITION DATES Dec. 1 – Dec. 17 Monday – Friday 9-5pm

Rosa is teaching four classes with us during the winter and spring session. Enroll in one of these courses and expand your printmaking practice!

  • Print & Animation – Wednesdays, Jan. 12 – Mar. 2, 5:30 – 7:30pm, $180 ($162)
  • Print & Clay with Jonathan Christensen Caballero & Rosa Nussbaum – Thursdays, Jan. 13 – Mar. 3, 5 – 7pm, $180 ($162) – FULL!
  • Soft Sculpture – Tuesdays, Mar. 22 – May 10, 6:30 – 8:30pm, $180 ($162)
  • Beginning Printmaking – Wednesdays, Mar. 23 – May 11, 5:30 – 7:30pm, $180 ($162)

Open enrollment has begun! Enroll by December 19 and receive our early enrollment discount of $10, and we’ll see you at the Arts Center!