Art Sharing Depot – 5 Ways You Can Share Your Work

Have you jumped on and off the art-making train while sheltering in place? In the Art Sharing Depot, you’ll find opportunities to share work in both visual and performing arts that work best for YOU.

We’re all in a different space now, and we get that. Finding room for creativity while adjusting to the new normal will take different forms depending on our schedules, emotional, physical and financial needs. The arts are uniquely positioned as an outlet to heal, reaffirm, and connect with others. So, whether you are ready to try your hand at weekly doodles, engage in writing prompts, or perform in front of a ghost light, here are five ways You can begin your adventure…

    1. Draw with us! Doodles of the Day have video demos and thematic prompts to help get that pencil moving.
    2. Make Your Living Room a Stage! Upload a short video to our Ghostlight Performance Share.
    3. Hang Your Work on a Virtual Wall! Our Cloud Gazing Gallery is updated weekly with submitted work.
    4. Share Your Story! Dear Lawrence is a weekly writing prompt to inspire poetry, prose, and non-fiction.
    5. Get Up and Move! Press record on that camera in our Dance On Digital Diaries series.
  • If you post your work on social media, use hashtag #LACStayCreative to share with us!