Art Heals with Molly Krause


“I believe in salvation through art; in fact, art may be the only thing to save us. Making my unknown known is how I think of creativity and I’ve personally shown my unknown in a variety of ways at different stages of my life: dance, the culinary arts, and writing. Figuring out how to be me in a confusing world and share myself with others has been primarily achieved through these expressions. My gratitude abounds.

The seeds of my recently published memoir Float On were planted in a writing class I took at the Lawrence Arts Center after I stepped away from my responsibilities as a pastry chef. I attend adult ballet classes and have the privilege to now teach others to use language to make sense of their lives. My teenage daughter has a built a community through the Lawrence Ballet Theater that enriches her life and creativity. When the unknown of the world can seem overwhelming or even threatening, the nurturing environment at the Lawrence Arts Center allows space to exhale, to risk showing our unknown selves. For this, my gratitude abounds.”

-Molly Krause

Like Molly, we are grateful for our rich and diverse community of students, staff, and instructors who all help make the Arts Center a vibrant and dynamic place for self-expression. We are thankful for every contribution to our Art Heals annual fund drive that helps make all of our programs possible.

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