Art Auction 2021 Meet the Artist: Grace “Gryffin” Eason

Inkblot No. 2


Welcome to the fifth and final interview in a series by local artist and 2021 Benefit Art Auction afficionado Grace Eason, featuring the generous donors who have created pieces for this year’s event!


It has been a priviledge and joy to interview some of our participating artists in this year’s Benefit Art Auction. For this last installment I thought I’d pull back the curtain just a little and talk about why I am participating this year.

After speaking with so many of our artists I realized there was a feeling that came up repeatedly in conversation. During quarantine there has been a sort of tension between feeling totally stuck while also being filled with restless energy and nowhere to put it. For me, this translated into energy channeled into sprawling doodles. I use drawing as a mindful meditative practice, and decided to develop this work into series that capitalized on the therapeutic aspects of my art. The piece included in this year’s event, Inkblot No. 2 (available here) is a distillation of that process.

I am thrilled to participate in the Benefit Art Auction this year. I started as a preschool student at the Arts Center more than 20 years ago, and have taken classes in every department. I know firsthand the wonderful work the Lawrence Arts Center does in the community. I have seen children bounding up the stairs and running to their classes, and I have listened to patrons who reveal how excited they are to get back to creating art at the end of quarantine. I’m grateful to be a part of the Arts Center family, and I’m so thrilled to have participated this year!

We can’t wait to see you at the live event this Saturday at 8pm!