Art Adventures Take Kids on an Imagination Journey

It can be hard to map your child’s path to an adventure these days–especially one that doesn’t involve a computer screen–but the Lawrence Arts Center has the key. Our early childhood education team has compiled a collection of dozens of Art Adventures that will take children out of the virtual and put them back into their imaginations!

The collection includes home-based projects designed to keep young children engaged and to provide hands-on experiences. The Arts Center’s director of early childhood education, Linda Reimond, said screen time is passive in nature. Play time away from electronic devices gives children an opportunity not just to socialize, but also to problem solve and to think creatively. That creative time also leads to better focus once it’s time to buckle back down for school work.

“Hands-on learning is important for little ones,” she said. “Play is so important for social and emotional growth! When they have some activity, they are then ready to get down to business for academics. Children need more play time to be better students.”

The $5 booklet comprises 17 pages of of ideas for home art and play experiences using items commonly found around the house, and story time and sing-along videos pre-recorded by Lawrence Arts Center teachers. Inside, you will find ideas and instructions for games including Walking Rainbow, Imagineer Lab, Air Dry Clay, Rock Candy, Boat Float Challenge and so much more!

In addition to the social and developmental advantages of engaging children in play time, Reimond said parents may also enjoy the activities.

“There is communication, cooperation, problem solving, creating, and social emotional growth,” she said. “Playing games, doing puzzles, cooking and baking together, going for a walk or bike ride, and reading stories are also ways to reconnect with their children.”

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