All Things Hip Hop!

Over the coming weeks, the Lawrence Arts Center is exploring the world of Hip Hop through dance, audio, and visual art. Next week, June 19-23rd, hip hop dancer Rauly Duenas and musical virtuouso DJ Proof team up to put on Hip Hop Academy, a camp that teaches both hip hop dance and djing to 3rd-7th graders.  Work on turntables, digital mixers, and PA’s to beat match, mix, and scratch while learning many hip hop styles to move to the grooves.  The camp runs all day, 9am-4pm, with a lunch at noon. Or sign up just for morning or afternoon.

This same week for Middle and High School students, ceramicist Andrew Cho leads a one week workshop, Graffiti Clay, that teaches students how to script, tag, and bomb using clay as a surface.  Explore the history of Graffiti and make your own bombs to post up wherever you please.

DJ Proof returns in the month of July for a couple two-week long DJing From Scratch sessions, where students learn how to match beats, mix, scratch and record their work.  Both Middle School (July 31-Aug 11)  and High School (July 10-21) classes will work with Proof, Love Garden Sounds, and the Lawrence Public Library Sound Lab to learn the art of DJing, soup to nuts.  Proof is a part of the Midnight Marauders collective and has opened up for the likes of Public Enemy.  Get involved in this ever-evolving art form!