Adventure out into our studios, and let us show you how welcoming the adult art classes can be.

We’ve got great classes for adults this semester; here are just a few of our favorites:


Identify, celebrate, and build your custom mask in cardboard, foam, found materials, and magic. This class is perfect for Halloween prep, Parade Enthusiasts, and those interested in putting weird into the world. Tues, 9/12-10/31, 6:30PM-8:30PM, $240 ($216)


Explore the tradition of letterpress to make bold and stunning posters. Work with visiting artist Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. to handset type posters on a Vandercook 15-21.

Fri, 10/20-10/20, 10AM-4PM, $150 ($135)


Unlock endless possibilities of freeform crochet. Go from basic stitches to practical steps for creating, connecting and embellishing crocheted shapes that will yield eye-catching and richly textured forms.

Thurs, 9/14-10/19, 6:30PM-8:30PM, $135 ($121.50)


Explore fundamental stained glass techniques while creating unique pieces in one of the most precious and revered mediums in the decorative arts.

Sat, 9/16-11/4, 9AM-11AM, $175 ($157.50)


Embark on the fastest globe-spanning animation adventure in Lawrence! Using stop-motion techniques, students will collaborate to create a playful short animation inspired by the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne.

Wed, 9/13-11/1, 6:30PM-8:30PM, $170 ($153)


With 100 words or more, we’ll focus on the fundamentals of great fiction: voice, characterization and plot development. Classes will include prompts, writing and sharing (always optional). Work on a story in progress or come find new inspiration!

Mon, 9/11-12/4, 6PM-8PM, $220 ($198)


Need more fun in your life? Want a space where being silly is approved? Come play classic theatre and comedy tv games that tease your brain and challenge your spontaneity. Expand your comfort zone in a class that is the opposite of serious.

Thu, 9/14-12/7, 6PM-7PM, $175 ($136)


This class is held at the School of Dance Satellite location: Eagles Lodge, 1803 W 6th Street

Ditch the workout and join the party! Come dance, shout, smile and sweat.  This Zumba Dance-Fitness class will have you dancing and burning calories to Latin and World rhythms!

Fri, 8/25-12/15, 6PM-7PM, $192, ($172.80)


Plus, this semester kicks-off with two great free ways to learn more in-person about what the Arts Center has to offer its adult students!


Arts Education Open House for Adults: Thursday, September 7thFeeling a little intimidated to return to the creative classroom as an adult?  Don’t be!  Let us show you around our studios and introduce you to our friendly faculty. Wine and snacks help everyone feel more comfortable.


Meet-and-Greet for our New Arts Education Staff and Artists in Residence: Thursday, September 7thAfter the Arts Education Open House for Adults, stick around for a meet and greet with the newest members of our arts education staff and 2017-2018 artists in residence. They’ll each give short presentations on their work, followed by a cocktail hour where you can ask the artists questions one-on-one.