Adult Education: Fall Writing Classes

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Writing classes are rad,
And so are you…

When you enroll in these virtual classes!

Write your own escape with Jackie Hedeman

Wednesdays, September 9, 2020 – October 14, 2020 7:00PM – 8:00PM

What does it mean to create a world? In this fiction writing class for all levels, we’ll discuss the choices fiction writers make when they build a story, including characterization, plot and structure, scene and summary, points of view, voice, and dialogue—all with a focus on creating vivid and exciting characters and settings. We will also write and workshop our work and support our fellow writers with generous feedback!


Content Warning: Writing Sensitive Subjects with Amy Hund

Thursdays, September 10, 2020 – October 29, 2020 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Dealing with delicate topics is a challenge for many writers. Drawing on multiple sources, we will discuss how others have handled hard writing, and consider ways we can apply the techniques we find effective to our own work. Each week, we will devote time to practicing writing about sensitive subjects, either through prompts or in our own work.

This class is for students who are at least 18 years old.


Free as a Word with Mary Wharff

Saturdays, October 24, 2020 – December 5, 2020 1:30PM – 3:30PM

Words are to writing as color is to painting, and in this class, we’ll turn words upside-down, sideways, inside-out and outside-in to create fresh and startling writing. We’ll push definition, practice rhythm, play with appearance and invent expression even we don’t expect. Classes include discussion, exercises and voluntary sharing.

Please bring pen and paper or laptop.