Adult Arts Teacher Feature: Amy Fowler

The Lawrence Arts Center welcomes our newest writing teacher, Amy Fowler!

Amy Fowler is a writer living in Lawrence. They share their home with their partner, sometimes his two children, and always one surly Boston Terrier and one Scruffy Mutt. Amy makes a living as an American Sign Language – English interpreter and Cued Language transliterator. They write mainly creative nonfiction with a memoir bent. Their work has appeared in The Manifest Station, Sonder Midwest, and the Slaughterhouse Collective. Currently, Amy is working on a memoir, A Hypnotist, a Rabbi, and a Leo.

For more information you can visit Amy’s website.

Learn how to spin your tale with Amy’s class, Writing the Personal Essay.

In this class, we will explore people, places, things, and events that hold meaning for us. We will study a wide range of forms and styles of creative nonfiction writing as we explore the spectrum of personal essays. This class is for first-time writers and experienced composers alike.

“One of the concepts we will explore during class is how most of our memories are tied to one or more of our senses. Now that it’s almost summer, think about the smell of hamburgers cooking on the grill, the feeling of cool pool water against hot skin, or the taste of an ice pop on your tongue… and the scenes each of these evokes. Choose one sense and recall a summertime memory tied to that sense. Set a timer and free write for 5-10 minutes. Don’t worry about grammar.”

No supply kit is needed for this class.

This virtual class meets on Wednesdays, June 3rd-July 22nd from 7:30 pm-8:30 pm.