Adult Arts: Introducing Alyx Jacobs and Emily Markoulatos!

Welcome to Alyx Jacobs and Emily Markoulatos, two new instructors teaching for the spring session! Step out of the blizzard and flex those creative muscles in a class with these fabulous artists!

Alyx graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016 with a BFA in graphic design and an emphasis in fiber. She balances her time between traveling the country for work as an admissions counselor for KCAI and her at-home studio practice. With a love for sustainability, Alyx’s studio practice gravitates towards natural dye, quilting, and mending. Her practice changes with the seasons–in the summer she uses flowers for eco-printing, and in the winter she makes indigo dyed, sashiko-sewn quilts to keep warm.

Be sure to check out these Fiber Arts classes from Alyx:

Emily earned her BFA in drawing, painting, and printmaking from Iowa State University in 1998. She earned her MA in visual art education from the University of Kansas in 2020. Emily is certified in K-12th grade, and currently teaches ceramics and metals classes at Ottawa High School. Emily explores a variety of media when creating art, but primarily works with acrylics on canvas or wood-burned panels, and enameled metal jewelry pieces. Her abstract designs are inspired by the Kansas landscape, microbiology, and underwater imagery. Emily lives in Lawrence with her husband, teenage daughters, and three dogs.

Dive into metalsmithing with Emily:

Beginning Metalsmithing – Classes Start March 22

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