Adult Art Education: Early Enrollment Ending Soon

Nourish your inner-artist in our adult classes! Check out these new course offerings:

Learn all about the fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing with Adam Meistrell. This technology is important in a wide range of studio practices and mediums. This class is for the tech savy artist.


Drawn to Print with Johanna Winters will explore how hand-drawn and hand-printed marks can work in tandem to compose distinct “drawerly” prints using an etching press. Students will experiment with trace monotypes, stenciling, frottage, chine-collé, collagraphs, and other drawing-based methods to create one-of-a kind works on paper.


In Experimental Drawing with Ken Bini, students will experiment with alternative approaches to mark making and using a wide range of traditional and non-traditional drawing media.


Enroll by December 22nd and receive $10 off your class. Check out our online catalog for all of our adult art classes, because art is for everyone!

Image by: Johanna Winters