A Look Inside: The Wizard Of Oz Cast List and Our 1920’s Theme

Take a peek at our art deco silk designs by Tammy Keiser and our 1920’s Dorothy costume sketch by Erin McElroy! 

We are incredibly thrilled that so many community members joined us for The Wizard of Oz auditions this past weekend at the Lawrence Arts Center. Congratulations to everyone in our cast! We are welcoming 104 performers from around the area to help bring our production to life. We are also excited to welcome a professional performer from Kansas City to our stage, Brianna Renee Woods! Check out our amazing list of performers here.

Be prepared to enter the Land of Oz in a totally reimagined way. Our vision is to honor the tradition of this story while simultaneously creating a fresh experience framed in the 1920’s. We are celebrating female pioneers past and present by sharing a performance rich with the adventures, challenges, and fierceness of girlhood.