940Live Drive In Concert Spotlight: LK Ultra

LK Ultra, featuring members: Lily Pryor, Inez Robinson, and Aden Smith tops off the lineup of our 940Live Drive in Concert at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on September 6.

A self-proclaimed “indigenous-fronted queer indie rock band,” LK Ultra’s music can be described as as 10 percent band, 40 percent activist, and 50 percent best friends. The group is young and honest and a reminder that getting together with your friends to create is a special thing. They are also a Rebuilding East Ninth grant recipient!

To learn more about the band, check out this recent article by I Heart Local Music: “LK Ultra Ferociously Stand Up For Trans Women in New Single.”

So, get ready to stay safe and enjoy some great LIVE music drive-in style this Labor Day weekend with LK Ultra, CS Luxem and Elexa Dawson!

Photo by Leo Smith