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Cardboard Arcade Comes to Life

A young person wearing a mask stands next to an art kit box.

Creativity and imagination abounded during Cardboard Arcade last week! The kids started off by watching Caine’s Arcade to get an idea of how they could transform simple cardboard into something amazing. They went on to brainstorm what their arcade game might be, what they would name it, and how they could bring it to life. Cardboard is like gold here at the Arts Center and we are looking forward to our next on-site adventure in brown… the infamous Box City!


Photo of Red Dancer sculpture wearing a mask.

Health and Safety Guidelines for Phased Reopening

Embracing this new era as an opportunity, we have reinvented ourselves to explore new ways of making, experiencing, and enjoying art. As restrictions on public spaces and gatherings are eased, we will be thoughtful and cautious as we make plans to see you again in-person.