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Youth and adult students enrolled in performing dance classes are required to confirm their participation in this event.
See the School of Dance Handbook for more details.

Deadline to register is February 13!

SDEOY: $16 (includes two tickets to any select showcase)

Additional tickets will be available to the public for purchase on April 1st and cost $8+taxes and ticket agent fees. All tickets are general admission.

May 17 | 5:30pm – SHOWCASE #1

Ballet V, TU, Paige Comparato

Intro to Ballet, MO, Juliet Remmers

Irish Dance I, MO, Annie Stark

Jazz III, WE, Ana Glocker

Preschool Dance II, MO, Betsy McCafferty

Hip Hop II, TU, Raul Dueñas

Ballet V, TH, Cynthia Crews


May 17 | 7:30pm – SHOWCASE #2

Intermediate Pointe, TH, Krystyna J. Hilding

Pas de Deux (Ballet VII only), WE, Hanan Misko

Irish Step Dance III, MO, Annie Stark

Ballet I: Teens, TH, Juliet Remmers

Ballet VI & VII, TH, Krystyna J. Hilding

Chinese Classical Dance II, SU, Wanwan Cai

Ballet I, SA, Cynthia Crews

Ballet VI & VII, SA, Jerel Hilding

Tap III, WE, Justin Harbaugh

Modern II, TU, Juliet Remmers


May 18 | 9:30am – SHOWCASE #3

Ballet I, MO, Juliet Remmers

Hip Hop I, WE, Raul Dueñas

Boys Ballet I, WE, Hanan Misko

Contemporary Youth I, TU, Amanda Pintore

Preschool Dance III, SA, Juliet Remmers

Tap II, WE, Justin Harbaugh


May 18 | 11:30am – SHOWCASE #4

Ballet II, FR, Cynthia Crews

Irish Step Dance II, MO, Annie Stark

Kinder Ballet (Kindergarten), MO, Betsy McCafferty

Intermediate Pointe, TU, Cynthia Crews

Jazz II, WE, Ana Glocker

Hip Hop for Teens, TH, Sonia Engman

Preschool Dance II, SA, Juliet Remmers

Ballet II, SA, Cynthia Crews

Ballet VI & VII, TU, Cynthia Crews

May 18 | 2:30pm – SHOWCASE #5

Ballet III, MO, Cynthia Crews

Intro to Ballet, SA, Stephanie Day

Contemporary Youth III, TH, Amanda Pintore

Ballet III, FR, Cynthia Crews

Preschool Dance I, SA, Juliet Remmers

Tap I, TU, Donna Jo Harkrider

Boys Ballet II, WE, Hanan Misko

Step Up Your Game! (Boys Athletic Hip-Hop), FR, Raul Dueñas

Ballet III, SA, Cynthia Crews


May 18 | 5:30pm – SHOWCASE #6

Ballet IV, FR, Juliet Remmers

Kinder Ballet (Kindergarten), SA, Stephanie Day

Jazz I, TH, Ana Glocker

Ballet IV, WE, Cynthia Crews

Chinese Classical Dance I, SU, Wanwan Cai

Ballet II: Teens, TU, Paige Comparato

Contemporary Youth II, TU, Amanda Pintore

Modern I, TU, Hanan Misko

Tap IV, TU, Donna Jo Harkrider


May 18 | 7:30pm – SHOWCASE #7

Adult Chinese Classical Dance (Open Class), SU, Wanwan Cai

Adult Ballet I (Open Class), MO, Hope DeYoung-Daniels

Adult Tap! I (Open Class), WE, Jillian Armstrong

Adult Ballet II (Open Class), TH, Paige Comparato

Irish Step Dance for Teens and Adults (Open Class), MO, Annie Stark

Adult Ballet II (Open Class), SU, Hope DeYoung-Daniels

Adult Tap! II (Open Class), TH, Jillian Armstrong

Adult Ballet III (Open Class), TH, Paige Comparato

Adult Hip Hop (Open Class), TH, Emily Holloman



To be scheduled:

·         Advanced Pointe/Variations, WE, Cynthia Crews

·         Ballet VII, WE, Cynthia Crews

·         Lawrence Ballet Theatre


Classes not performing:

Ballet IV & V, MO, Hope DeYoung-Daniels

Ballet IV & V, SA, Krystyna Hilding

Ballet VI & VII, MO, Cynthia Crews