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Calling all 3-6 Year Olds: Play Labs for Goodnight Moon!

Join us for the next session of our Play Lab series, a research-based space for very young children and their caregivers to create with artists.


This session we will develop the imagery and stage design for our main stage performance, Goodnight Moon. Caregivers will join their children in exploring the story of Goodnight Moon by painting on 2D and 3D objects that will be featured in the January performance. All sessions will be recorded. You can enroll through the front desk or in our online enrollment portal here


Play Lab: 5-6 year olds (two weeks)

October 27th and November 3rd

Saturdays, Blackbox Theatre


Play Lab: 3-4 year olds (two weeks)

November 10th and November 17th

Saturdays, Blackbox Theatre



Come prepared to get messy and experience the tactile and visual side of this well-loved story.

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